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He’s going to inform you all about discovering the right DJ for your wedding event and wedding event reception. He’ll stroll you through all the things you require to consider when working with a wedding DJ.

If so, that DJ most likely understands the place’s acoustics and any special concerns. You may not choose to go with that DJ, however, their chosen DJ must be on your interview list.

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Request Referrals

That good friend whose reception was incredible? Ask her for her DJ’s name.

Take a look at wedding event online forums for your area. Who do people suggest? Dig deeper than the star rating and read evaluations to discover why individuals suggest a specific DJ.

Comprehending What You Desired And What You Required

Couples are frequently uninformed of what devices are required for their location to have a seamless stream of music/sound throughout their wedding event. Having your event 300′ away from your reception location, which is also a football field away for your mixed drink hour, makes for fascinating logistics.

  • Lastly, what do you want for your wedding day?
  • Uplighting like your buddy’s wedding event?
  • You and your fiancé/ fiancée’s initials sprawled on the dance floor?
  • Dancing on a cloud and an after-party down the street?
  • An image booth and a light program for dancing?

Having this information sorted out will prepare you for the preliminary consultation with your prospective wedding DJ.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Lots of DJ companies now use uplighting, picture cubicles, and other add-ons to make your reception extra special. Many even use bundles that make these extras a little bit more inexpensive.

Do You Focus On Wedding Events?

Corporate occasions, bars, and wedding events might all have DJs in common, however, the experiences are entirely different. Ensure you find a wedding DJ, not simply a DJ who wants to do weddings.

Consider Your Design.

Like we said, not all DJs are indicated to be wedding event DJs– it’s a broad title. Wedding DJs are specific specialists in how receptions circulate and how to pick music that suits lots of demographics. Make sure to immediately cross off any DJs without wedding-specific experience (unless you’re having a non-traditional reception or if you’re asking a buddy to DJ, obviously).

Wedding event DJs can still suggest a lot of different things. If you’re more into rap or pop or other more modern categories, you want to find a DJ who’s well-versed on the top of the charts.

Ask Around For Suggestions.

The easiest way to limit any supplier search: word of mouth suggestions. Ask your family, pals, colleagues, whoever if they employed a DJ they enjoyed. Even if they’re not engaged or wed, they may have recently gone to a wedding event with a DJ that truly wowed.

Of course, you can also constantly rely on the Web to assist you to begin your search, too. We advise beginning with a supplier search from a credible wedding event source. We’re prejudiced but Zola makes the supplier search process essentially smooth. You can check out vetted reviews from real couples, learn what services each DJ specifically offers, and more. It’s an easy way to taper your search to at least a handful of options.

Ask How They Get The Crowd Going

Make sure to ask about how they engage a crowd if you desire your DJ to be included in making your reception enjoyable. Some essential concerns to ask:

  1. How does the DJ get people dancing if they appear reluctant?
  2. Will they accept demands from visitors?
  3. Is the DJ willing to likewise function as a host and make statements?

Get A Contract

Similar to all vendors, you must get a contract. Do not deal with someone who won’t provide one! Make certain to check our guide to employing wedding event suppliers for basic suggestions on finding, vetting and examining agreements.

You Can DIY, But You May Need Help

You don’t require a professional DJ to have music and even a dance celebration! When the reception starts, you can set up the sound equipment and have your playlist prepared. Simply keep in mind to crossfade the tunes so there’s no time out in the music. You’ll also wish to put someone else in charge of monitoring the music, simply in case. This individual can respond to any issues that arise and keep meddlesome guests away (not that you’ll have any of those). With somebody you rely on protecting the music, you’ll be free to dance like crazy!

Any Bundled Services?

Sometimes a bundled service suggests you get to pay less on specific other services for your occasion. If your wedding event DJ offers other services such as videography or any other type of entertainment. You could discuss this and get it at a much better cost than you might have elsewhere.

Agree On A Rate

Without this agreement, there is no service. So, make sure you have in mind the typical cost of a wedding event DJ, which you are consenting to a rate within your budget.


My last point is on the DJ’s design. You want to discover a DJ that is professional & resonates with your tastes. Let your DJ know what tunes or genres you’d like played and what type of music they need to avoid. If they’ve DJed weddings in the past that align with your choices, you must ask. Some DJs are proficient at blending music, some know all the best two-step songs, etc

My biggest suggestions to you are to fulfil your wedding event DJ before your wedding day. You’ll understand if they are the best fit by meeting in person. Then you’re bound to have a wonderful wedding event if you discover a DJ in your price range with experience and great vibes.


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