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Tips To Finding The Right Wedding DJ

You have to pick the DJ as soon as you have actually chosen that you want a DJ to offer the music for your wedding reception. Choosing the best DJ for your wedding can look like a daunting job because you know that the DJ sets the tone for the reception. Pick a fantastic DJ, and it is going to be tough for your reception to be anything less than incredible. Choose a so-so DJ, and even with the very best food and location, you are still most likely only going to have a so-so reception.

Wedding DJ

There are so many choices in DJs that you may be overwhelmed. Even if Spotlight Home Entertainment is not your option, we desire you to be confident and educated when selecting your DJ, so here are our leading 10 tips for selecting your wedding DJ, also see this for Best 50+ Wedding Services Melbourne.

What Makes A Great Wedding Event DJ?

Being a DJ has to do with way more than pushing “play” on an iPad playlist. Here are 3 qualities that set an excellent wedding DJ apart from the crowd.


If we could only give you one tip, it would be this!

Your DJ is going to be responsible for setting the tone of the night. , if you have a boring DJ … that means a dull wedding.

A DJ’s personality is the most crucial hint you’re going to get. Instead of relying on emails and texts, meet with your DJ in person to speak about your ambience, needs, and preferred music. This will help you choose whether they can develop the party atmosphere you’re searching for.

Consider Your Style.

Like we said, not all DJs are meant to be wedding DJs– it’s a broad title. Wedding event DJs are specific specialists in how receptions circulate and how to pick music that matches numerous demographics. Be sure to instantly cross off any DJs without wedding-specific experience (unless you’re having a non-traditional reception or if you’re asking a good friend to DJ, obviously).

Wedding DJs can still suggest a lot of various things. It’s essential to keep your design and wedding event vision top of mind. If you’re more traditional and a fan of music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, for example, pursue a DJ who specializes in music from those decades. You desire to discover a DJ who’s skilled on the top of the charts if you’re more into rap or pop or other more modern categories.

Don’t Make Your Decision Based On Rate

Wedding events are costly and you’re on a budget, but the music is not an area where you want to be cutting corners.

If a DJ seems more affordable than others, it’s most likely because they are less knowledgeable and will be utilizing poor quality devices (remember those house DJs with the laptop computer and a pair of headphones we just discussed …?).

You get what you pay for. Leading DJs might cost a little bit more, but their rates will reflect their noise, experience and lighting devices, and the service they offer. What you put in is what you’ll get out in the preparation of your one and only wedding day.

Experience And Know-How.

The tunes your DJ picks will make or break your wedding party. You’ll desire a limitless stream of background music to keep your visitors captivated, and also to supply structure to your program. This is where a DJ’s experience ends up being a substantial advantage.

More than selecting the next song to play, a professional wedding event disc jockey understands which tunes to choose at a particular point of your reception. For instance, a lot of couples want an upbeat song for their entryway march and a more emotional tune throughout the father-daughter dance. Knowing how to blend, cut, and blend these tunes without losing a beat is a skill that takes years of practice.


Most significantly, a great wedding event DJ is somebody who exudes professionalism. They respond to emails and text messages quickly. Once they devote themselves to your occasion, they’ll take terrific pains to prepare for it. They’ll ask you for special demands or what type of music you listen to as a couple. On the day, they’ll get here on time and dress for the celebration.

The Question To Ask:

  • What kind of occasions do you perform at?
  • You need a Dj who carries out a variety of events, which provides him with a worthy experience in amusing diversified audiences. This is mostly since your wedding event will have individuals from different backgrounds and ages.
  • The number of weddings you carry out in a year?
  • Asking how many weddings they do, offers you a sign of their level of commitment to “your kind of occasion.” Not implying that one who does more will always stand out, it is simply a higher possibility that they will do a good job as they comprehend expectations of a wedding Dj.

How Do You Select What Music To Play At The Wedding Event?

Find a Dj who is all set to produce a soundtrack to your wedding event based upon your choices, cultural background( s) and vision for the day; each wedding event should be various. A great wedding Dj will accept your must-play and do-not playlists. They will also want to help with song recommendations for the unique moments e.g. cake cutting, strolling down the aisle, and so on