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Should I Become A Permanent Makeup Artist?

Permanent makeup artists are accountable for tattooing eye, lip, skin, and eyebrow pigment to accomplish the exact same appearance of makeup. Irreversible makeup permits the client to always have a fabricated face without using makeup everyday.

What Are The Skill Requirements?

Customer care is a crucial ability, as irreversible makeup artists communicate with their customers regularly. Interaction abilities are also a need so long-term makeup artists can comprehend the requirements of the client or job, as well as plainly communicate info to clients. 

Perceptiveness allows permanent makeup artists to correctly examine the skin needs of their clients. In the same manner, detail-orientation helps to make sure the makeup used and the application of that makeup fulfils the requirements of the client. Additionally, mastery would likewise be of excellent use for precision and consistent makeup application on a daily basis.

Acquire Bloodborne Pathogen Training

State licensing boards need employees using a license as a permanent makeup artist to complete bloodborne pathogen training. In addition to training, some states mandate permanent makeup artists to submit 2 tests for hepatitis and other contagious illnesses.

Training And Education

Although it’s great news there are no previous instructional requirements, in order to become a permanent makeup artist, you must finish a course at a licenced school. This is the most important part of your journey, as your skill is what eventually makes your living, so refining it should be a concern. 

You need to take each aspect of the training, and specifically the health and wellness of your customers, very seriously.

What Does A Training Course Look Like?

As we stated, there are training courses that do not require any prior experience operating in beauty. The length of these courses differs from school to school, and there are even online courses. Some cover only one method, while others teach you 2 or 3. Typically, the training consists of 1-7 days of live, hands-on work, followed by numerous months of supervised work (apprenticeship or mentorship), which is a chance to acquire the required hours of experience.


Irreversible makeup regulations vary significantly from one state to another. Some states require you to be a certified tattoo artist. In the states where irreversible makeup is exceptionally popular, the regulations are rather stringent, while other states do not regulate permanent makeup and body art in general at all.

Go For Your Certification

You’ll want to go for your certification to finish off the process to end up being a certified tattoo makeup artist. You’ll require to go through a minimum of 1,000 hours of studying long-term cosmetics to fulfil the requirements and you’ll require to go through a bloodborne pathogen class to guarantee you are experienced about safety in your field.

While this procedure may seem like a long one, when you come to Premier Pigments, we’ll talk you through whatever you need to understand, so you’ll be ready to go through your required state licensure applications. For more information on how you can have access to our tattoo makeup courses, call us. We look forward to helping you make others look perfect.

What Certifications Will You Need?

The process to become a certified irreversible makeup artist varies by state. Some states require really a couple of hours of training, while others will require anywhere from 300 or more with an apprenticeship program approved by the state’s board of cosmetology, or whichever board controls long-term cosmetics.

Finishing Model Treatments

As part of your training, you should have experience working on models along with your fitness instructor. Nevertheless, the very first time you deal with a model alone and out of a regulated training environment can be daunting. I frequently compare it to the very first time you drive alone after passing your driving test. This, however, is the time when you really will learn the most, putting whatever you have actually found out throughout your training course to practice.

Before you begin dealing with designs loved ones will normally be your very first models make sure you are completely comfy with your gadget and handpiece/microblade. 

The best way to get used to this is to spend lots of hours practising on training mats. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced professional there is always so much to be gained from mat practice. Your method can always be improved and there are constantly brand-new patterns and skills to be learnt, whatever level you are.

Permanent Makeup Courses? Read this article.


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