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Eyebrow Tattoo: How To Prepare And What To Expect?

Microblading outcomes develop remarkable looking eyebrows, nevertheless, the treatment is not advised for everybody. 

To prevent any problems relating to your overall well being, please review all the details listed below: micro-blading requirements; contraindications; and medications to avoid before your appointment.

Proper preparation for a micro-blading consultation will likewise assist to achieve the best possible recovered outcomes, so be sure to prepare appropriately.


Is Microblading an excellent concept?

Microblading isn’t only scheduled for thin, sparse eyebrows– even if you have actually been blessed with naturally full ones, micro-blading can boost what’s currently there. 

However, the results are especially impressive on those with thin brows and can be almost life-changing for individuals who suffer from alopecia.

Micro-blading Vs. Permanent Make-Up

Long-term makeup artists use a maker that implants ink into the bottom layer of the dermis. This does not permit the artist to have full control, leading to severe blocks of colour. When the ink ultimately fades, the red or blue colour is left. 

Microblading utilizes a manual hand tool with lots of microneedles and pigment on completion, developing small cuts in the skin collecting the pigment. The microneedles permeate the upper level of the dermis, making this a semi irreversible procedure. The pigment is created to break down in the dermis in time and will fade naturally.

Your Consultation

A consultation is not needed after checking out over the site. Nevertheless, if you still have questions and would like to come in for a consultation, you are more than welcome to do so! We will review any questions or concerns, walk you through the procedure, and discuss what to expect throughout your recovery procedure.

Requirements Before Eyebrow Micro-blading:

The Preparation

Professional painters understand that they get the finest results when they spend additional time sanding, filling holes, making sure edges are smooth and applying the ideal primer. The treatment location should be healthy, strong, non-irritated and non-sensitive. Here’s how to get your skin all set for the procedure

  • No Botox treatments must be done 3 weeks prior or 4 weeks after the procedure.
  • No chemical peels 60 days before or after treatment (brows will peel quicker due to chemicals travelling under the skin).
  • NO alcohol or caffeine two days before treatment (Yes, there is caffeine in decaf coffee and tea!).
  • Avoid sun and tanning one week before the procedure.
  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Advil/Ibuprofen 48 hours before the procedure.
  • Avoid Fish Oil, Prenatal Vitamins, Nutritional Shakes (Shakeology, etc), “Hair, Skin, Nail” supplements 2 days before the procedure.
  • Cease Retin-An at least 4 weeks prior (and avoid on eyebrow area after the procedure).
  • Avoid the use of any Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) items near to the eyebrow location 2 weeks prior (and prevent on eyebrow location after treatment).
  • Botox and filler on the temple, eye, and forehead location need to be prevented 1 month before the procedure for those who do not regularly get injectables.
  • No brow waxing, tinting, or threading one week prior (the more natural hair growth you have, the much better!
  • Prevent Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion or facials for 4-weeks prior procedure.

Who Ought To Not Get Micro-blading?

Microblading may not be you If you have any kind of skin condition on or near your eyebrows. 

How Numerous Times Can You Microblade Your Eyebrows?

When pigment from the procedure begins to visibly fade, you’ll require to return to your practitioner for a touch-up application. 

Touch-ups can be necessary every 6 months or every year, depending on your skin type and preferred appearance. Microblading touch-ups resemble getting root touch-ups for your hair.

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