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An Ex-pat Guides And Tips To Buying A Property In Australia

The first thing to know about purchasing a property in Australia is that foreigners do not have an automated right to own home. Unless you are married to an Australian or hold an irreversible citizen visa or special category visa as New Zealanders do you will need to apply to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). 

They take around 40 days to an optimum of 140 days to authorize your application.

Foreigners are generally restricted to purchasing new developments, off-plan homes or redevelopment of an existing residential or commercial property to create more houses. 

Approval will be based on an individual address, you can not get in concept approval and neither can you use retrospectively after buying a property- you would have to sell- so any agreement you sign needs to be contingent on you getting FIRB approval.

What’s The Property Market Like?

Experts suggest that property costs are slowing in Melbourne and Sydney, while other cities have actually fared much better up until now this year. Hobart, Canberra and Perth are among the present winners highlighted by real estate experts.

Why Buy Property in Australia?


If you’re planning to buy a house for the family, which you’ll move into as soon as you return to Australia, then buying a home as an ex-pat makes ideal sense. 

But, as a financier, why should you think about purchasing the property back in Australia? There are many benefits to owning residential or commercial property back home, including:

  • Australia’s long history of real estate price growth
  • Our nation’s ethical and sensible lending requirements
  • Consistent undersupply of real estate in capital cities
  • Australia’s real estate market stability (we have never ever seen the housing market crash by more than 20% in a year, unlike other areas such as China and the United States).
  • The financing and legal systems recognize you.
  • Makes returning home much easier to secure a home in the catchment area for your chosen schools, prevent needing to find a rental property when you return, etc.

An Ex-pat Guide To Buying Property In Australia

Form Application

When you fill in the forms you will be applying based on the address of the residential or commercial property you wish to purchase. You can not apply after you have bought a home, you would have to offer it.

Property Restrictions For Ex-pats

Typically, foreigners are usually restricted to purchasing among the following:

  • A new build property
  • An existing property that will be redeveloped to create more homes
  • An off-plan property

These guidelines are put in place to enable local purchasers access to the home market without having to complete versus ex-pats too.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Purchasing Property In Australia For Ex-pats.

Purchasing property in Australia as an immigrant is much easier than lots of other countries, however, you must seek approval in the correct way. This detailed guide will assist you to avoid any mistakes throughout the procedure.

  • Plan and Budget for Your Move.
  • Develop Your Specialist Team.
  • Get Pre-Approval for Your Loan.
  • Make an application for a Mortgage.
  • Get Consent from the Foreign Investment Evaluation Board (FIRB).
  • Look for a Home.
  • Work out the Property’s Price.
  • Get Formal Approval for Home Mortgage.
  • Exchange Contract and Pay Deposit.
  • Acquire Approval from FIRB.
  • Final Actions.
  • Settlement and Receiving Your Loan.

How Do I Find A Suitable Property?

Real Estate Agents And Companies

Using a representative can make it much easier to find an appropriate residential or commercial property in Australia. You’ll spend for the service, but getting aid from a knowledgeable local can imply that you are able to view a broader range of homes, and you will have aid working out a good price.

Would you like to speak to specialists? Click this important source for more information.