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The Elecbrakes remote control brake booster is an excellent Australian designed and built Plug and Play Electronic Brake Booster. It installs in seconds, has a compact size and can be easily transferred between any of your wheeled vehicles, and tows effortlessly to your trailer hitch. It comes with the optional ABS remote system and allows you to access the ABS system by pressing the ‘Control’ button. The remote also provides an audible warning that informs you of when the brakes have come into contact with the road surface. The electronic brake booster comes with an eight-port USB connector for fast connection and control of your electric braking system. It also features a built in amplifier for the main amplifier and has two channels and four different levels of boost.

Elecbrakes – Very similar to your regular car audio system

When you install the Elecbrakes in your car, you will notice that it is very similar to your regular car audio system. You will be able to use your regular car stereo controls including volume and tone controls. The Elecbrakes remote controller system can also connect directly to your car’s entertainment center and your cell phone via Bluetooth. In addition, if you are in a hurry or simply need to make a call and want to control the brakes in your car, the Elecbrakes remote control also allows you to do this. The system comes with an eight-port USB connector for fast connection and also includes an amp for your main amp.

The Elecbrakes remote control is not only good for your vehicle but can be used to assist with controlling the braking system of your car, truck, van or SUV. In addition, it can be used on motorcycles with the same great performance as it has on cars. It comes with the optional ABS system, so that you are assured that your vehicle is in safe hands when you drive it. As the name suggests, it has eight different channels and four different levels of gain so that you can choose the level of boost that you need. The system comes with a built in remote control so that you can easily access the ABS system and the system includes eight different speakers so that you can listen to your music at an excellent sound quality.


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