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Every one of the landscapers in this rundown has a dream. Some are pioneers, some are classicists. From dynamic planners recalibrating adored customs to ambitious plantsmen stirring up a scene close to you, here are Melbourne’s best landscapers


Paal Grant 

Paal Grant is an award-winning Melbourne-based landscaper known for his inventive approach to making unprecedented gardens. According to him, the normal world turned into his motivation. A great deal of this has to do with experiencing childhood in the local Victorian town of Ballarat. 

Paal accepts that balance is vital and accomplishes this using various surfaces, hues, and shapes in every one of his gardens, showing that solid design standards upgrade a useful space. 

His 2009, 2010, and 2012 show gardens were granted Gold at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. He likewise won the renowned Royal Horticultural Comeadow Award for his 2010 submission ‘The Wave Garden’. 

From planning and building extravagant housetop and overhang plants, Paal’s range of accomplishments is tremendous. He appreciates conventional covers and features in Australia’s top landscaping and lifestyle magazines. 

Paal will represent Australia at the 2015 Japan Garden and Flower Show. There, he will contend with green thumbs from 30 nations at the Gardening World Cup in Japan. 

paal grant

Richard Weller 

Richard is an Australian landscaper architect and erudite. He presently holds the Martin and Margy Meyerson Chair of Urbanism at the University of Pennsylvania. He has obtained over 30 prizes in worldwide design contests, composed four books, and distributed more than 90 scholarly papers. 

Richard is likewise a board member of the Landscape Architecture Foundation in Washington and an adjudicator of the 2015 American Society of Landscape Architects awards. As of late, he has been selected as the creative director of the 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture. 

A devoted educator, he was acknowledged with an Australian National Teaching Award in 2012 “for sustained commitment to inspiring and empowering students to connect creatively and critically with complex design problems. 


Daniel Tyrrell Landscape 

An award-winning Melbourne garden and landscape designer situated in St Kilda. Daniel Tyrrell’s landscapes were set up in 2003 and since has fashioned a notoriety for being a pioneer in the design and development of gardens all throughout Melbourne. Daniel has an individual way to deal with each garden, trying to make a mood between your home and the outdoors. They intend to bring balance back to your outdoor space by demonstrating restraint with the assembled structure, then softening with plants to make an atmosphere that will inspire an enthusiastic connection, changing how you will see your garden for quite a long time to come. 


Good Manors 

Offers an all-out way to deal with the design and development of pools alongside garden landscaping administrations. This landscape design firm has consistently had a reasonable vision to remain trend resistant and customer-centered and creates gardens that agreeably mix with their particular home’s style. 


Phillip Johnson 

Phillip has won numerous awards, most strikingly at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show, when his ‘Trailfinders’ Australian Garden was awarded a ‘Best in Show’ medal. He has made various successful show gardens the world over. 

Phillip has won the Ford Sustainability Award for three out of four years, at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. He likewise won a ‘Best in Show – International Design’ at the China Flower show in Wujin, China. 

Phillip believes that we have to make recuperating habitats not just for ourselves but to fix what we’ve done to the earth. What’s more, everything begins on your own terrace. He referenced this in his new book, ‘Connected, The Sustainable Landscapes of Phillip Johnson‘. 

Phillip went to the recent Australian Landscape Conference 2015 as a speaker. He is energetic and focused on greening our urban areas and discussing water management through creative and sustainable designs. He accepts that moving water brings fervor, vitality, birds, fish, bugs, and nearby vegetation to give life and assortment to a landscape. 


In case you’re living in Melbourne, I trust that this rundown is useful to you as you locate your optimal landscaper.



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