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Overplucked your eyebrows during the 90s (didn’t we as a whole!) and now you’re attempting to grow them out yet your eyebrows have different thoughts? That’s right, we feel ya. Luckily today, eyebrow tattoos (otherwise called microblading or feathering) is a splendid alternative for resurrecting your eyebrows. 

In any case, as with anything permanent– there are a couple of interesting points before taking the eyebrow tattooing plunge. 

In this way, regardless of whether you’re after a little ink to resuscitate your too-slim look of days of old or simply need to round them out somewhat, here is the breakdown on what to know before you book your meeting for a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo: 

cosmetic eyebrow

Anyone Can Do Eyebrow Embroidery – Except A Select Few 

Regardless of whether you have delicate skin that easily gets bothered, or oily skin that is inclined to breakouts and acne, you are a reasonable contender for eyebrow embroidery

A few people erroneously accept that this treatment is just for the individuals who have inadequate or slim eyebrows– that isn’t accurate too! In the event that you have moderately thicker eyebrows and want a superior shape or length so you can eliminate the time spent drawing each morning, you unquestionably can settle on eyebrow embroidery too. 

However, take note that anybody taking Accutane or any blood-diminishing meds, or any individual who is pregnant or nursing, is discouraged from going through this eyebrow method. 


Expect A Little Bit Of Pain 

As a rule, you will have next to zero discomfort, but may have some redness and gentle swelling after your microblading procedure. In any case, it’s commonly mild enough that you won’t notice it. Most artists utilize a skin desensitizing cream before the procedure, so you shouldn’t feel any pain. 

In the event that you experience unnecessary swelling, redness or inconvenience, certainly contact your artist and see a doctor. 


Most People Require Two Sessions To Get Their Ideal Brow

Your average individual needs around two meetings ― one first session, and afterward, they can return a month later for a touch-up session. They need to return a month later in light of the fact that, depending upon their skin type, their skin may push out a bit of ink and in certain spots the hair strokes won’t be as saturated as we need them. You can tell if there are minor defects after the primary session that should be filled in. 

Understand Just How Permanent Or Semi-Permanent Your Brows Are Going To Be 

There are numerous choices these days from micro blading to strokes (regularly known as feathering) and so forth. Be sure about what style the artist is doing and what the continuous upkeep is, the downtime, costs included and, in general, what the overlook will be. 


Eyebrow Embroidery Doesn’t Require You To Shave Your Existing Brows 

A typical inquiry that brow specialists get is: Do I need to shave my eyebrows before doing eyebrow embroidery? 

Fortunately, the appropriate response is no: as per eyebrow embroidery specialists, despite the fact that this would completely be the situation for a normal body tattoo, they would attempt to keep and incorporate however much of the regular eyebrow hair as could be expected. 

Most eyebrow experts will just eliminate any hairs that fall outside of their last shape if needed, so you can have confidence that you don’t need to live without genuine brows for some time. 


These are only a few things to remember before you get your cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. If you have other questions with regard to cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, you can visit this website to get some answers for your inquiries.



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